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Missionary training

The Legacy Project, Summer 2023

We partnered with The Legacy Project and conducted a mission trip to Bangladesh in the summer of 2023. Bangladesh is among the most unreached nations in the world with roughly under 1% of the population being Christian and many of its people living in very poor and bad conditions. We went through villages and cities preaching the gospel to the unreached, helping local churches and giving aid to the people in need of it.

Pioneer Camp, March 2023

The progress of church planting in Bangladesh has been significantly hindered by a lack of different approaches and tools, resulting in slow advancement. We organized a Pioneer Camp to equip local workers with more tools for evangelistic advances, so that not only a few individuals are reached over a long period of time, but entire communities at once. Now, the locals are equipped to go into new communities, proclaim the gospel, lead people to Jesus and see His kingdom come in power as they plant new churches in areas that are still completely unreached by the gospel.

Fire Camp, CfaN

We have been involved in organizing Fire Camps in Kyiv, Lviv, Budapest, India and Finland. The main goal of the Fire Camps is to help participants grow in their evangelistic gifts and create a culture of evangelism. Through teaching, equipping and training we have witnessed hundreds of new young evangelists rise up and step into their calling.

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