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Our city-wide gospel campaigns are mighty advances, through which most of the population in the area is brought to the reach of Jesus Christ. First, we reach almost all of the children in the city with the gospel through our youth campaigns, and then we gather the general population together for a 4-5 day event in which the gospel is preached, the sick are prayed for, demons are cast out and curses broken. Thousands of people give their lives to Jesus and are plugged into local churches for discipleship.



According to the latest research, about 70% of people who receive Jesus, do so at an age between 4 and 14. In addition over half of the African population is under the age of 20! Children are very open to the gospel and Jesus loves to save them. Our missionaries have seen hundreds of thousands of children and youth make a public decision to follow Christ. It is an incredible window of harvest that must not be wasted.​​​



We are well aware that we cannot reach the world alone. We need a full generation of believers who actively live out their calling to preach the gospel to all people. We partner together with other missions organizations, such as Christ for all Nations to train, equip and deploy hundreds of evangelists and missionaries to the harvest fields of the world with the glorious gospel of Jesus​​​



Since the second day of the war in Ukraine, we have been providing humanitarian assistance to people in need all over the country and across their European borders. We have partnered with other organizations to meet the needs of tens of thousands of people. We have offered help starting from providing supplies such as food and clothing, to extreme evacuation missions from the hottest war-zones.​​​

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