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Youth campaigns

Kenya, March 2023

In the rural areas of Kenya, with Jesus to all Nations, we organized 68 youth campaigns in two weeks. Thousands of young people heard the liberating message of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. God opened many doors for us, and we were privileged to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with people, some of whom had never heard the gospel before.

Outreach attendees: 22 400
Rwanda, December 2022

Organized by Jesus to all Nations, we did youth campaigns for two weeks in Western- and Southeastern Rwanda. Thousands upon thousands made a decision to follow Jesus Christ, receiving hope and meaning to their lives. People received physical healing and were set free from pain and disease through the power of God. The young ones were given a follow-up booklet, guiding and helping them to live a life as a disciples of Jesus Christ.

Outreach attendees: over 29 000
Tanzania, August 2021

In the city of Ifakara, we partnered with Fan the Flame Ministries to conduct dozens of youth campaigns over a period of two weeks. During this time we were able to reach almost every child and young person in the city with the gospel. After that, we conducted one of our city gospel campaigns, where thousands of people gathered, the gospel was preached and miracles happened.

Documented decisions for Christ: 18 795
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