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hope to every child

meeting the next generation with love

As an organization, we started our humanitarian work in Ukraine on the second day of the war, the 26th of February, 2022.

As we have worked with the civilian population of Ukraine in all parts of the country, as well as in three of their European neighbors, we have found a special love for the children of Ukraine. Our founder, Matias Toivainen also grew up during the war in Kosovo as a young boy, and decided that we must offer what we can to every young Ukrainian heart that is looking to the sky and asking the question: ''Is there any hope?''

All over the world, we have been working with local schools and we decided that we will do our best to meet their needs in Ukraine also.


''Just a few months ago, we were all crying under these same desks together when our school was being bombed down as they occupied our city. But today you came, and now all of the students are smiling.''

- Specialized school nr. 12, Irpin

we love ukraine

It has been our privilege to do our part in serving the nation of Ukraine in this difficult time. Our work throughout the war has included helping in all ways we have been able to; providing housing and essential supplies, feeding people, evacuating civilian families from the frontlines of the war, and doing what we love to do; praying for people and offering spiritual help together with local churches.

The Team


Matias Toivainen

Founder & CEO

Kopio Polina Sagaydak (3).png

Elias Flø

Director of school ministry, Kyiv Oblast

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-26 at 12.21.05.jpeg

Samuel Hörnle

Director of school ministry, Lviv Oblast

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Veronika Flø

Director of school ministry, Kyiv Oblast

our program

We have several different programs that we are able to present to different groups depending on their age group. 

All of them include some stories, a message of hope from a Christian perspective, sometimes some song and dance, and a prayer for the students and the nation of Ukraine to do well.

Our program always lasts less than 15 minutes, unless the school would like us to go longer, which we will also love to do!

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